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Since 1981, Red Gorilla® International have been providing businesses and customers with quality equipment that's built to last. Find out more about Red Gorilla®, our brand history and why we are the leading supplier of Yard, Gardening and Building Site Equipment. 

Trusted by the Trade since 1981

Red Gorilla® International is the leading Supplier of Yard, Gardening and Building Site Equipment and first launched in the UK as Faulks and Cox in 1981. Soon after, Faulks and Cox brought the brand to international acclaim launching the beloved two-handled flexible plastic tub to the world. The brand continued to expand opening offices across the globe. 

In 2018, Faulks and Cox rebranded to Red Gorilla® and continues to distribute high-quality, great value own-brand products to thousands of Retail Businesses and Retail Customers.

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Tubtrugs was the first two-handled, super-strong flexible tub brand that is critically acclaimed and loved across the world. First developed over 35 years ago, the tub was the product that started it all. 

After developing the two-handled flexible tub, we had no clue what to call it. Our flexible tub was an innovative, durable product that you can use for everything! We decided to leave the decision to our Milkman, Bigfinger who gave us the word "trug." We combined the words "tub" and "Trug to make "Tubtrugs" which fit perfectly. 

Today, the success of the use-them-for everything tubs is still evident. Our brand beginnings brought life to the Gorilla Tub® and today, we offer a range of professional products to a variety of sectors such as Equine, Building and Gardening. A lot has changed since our humble beginnings, but the quality and dedication has remained the same. We continue to commit to providing our customers with own-brand quality products that are built to last. 



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Red Gorilla®

Red Gorilla®

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Red Gorilla® International is a trading name of Faulks & Cox Ltd. - 10612884