Recycle Gorilla Tubs at home

We take pride in a large range of our products being recyclable and reusable. If you would like more information about how to recycle your Red Gorilla products using your local recycling facilities, Click Here!

For those of you who have grown rather attached to your trusty tubs, we have many different ideas and methods to recycle your products in house. Our Tubs have live a long and fulfilled life and may have multiple different homes with many different jobs to do. By passing on your tubs from one home to another you are recycling them yourself! Brand new shiny tubs may have been used in the home as cooking equipment or a pet bowl. Once they have satisfied these roles in the home, they may be recycled and reused as storage solutions or organisers. Again, once the tub has fulfilled its duties, it can be used afresh in the garden as a plant pot or outdoor decoration. The tubs life and uses can be used and reused again and again. Once your tub has completed its job and been relegated to a new home, you can refresh with a brand new tub in a different size, colour or style without having to throw your old tub away! 



Posted by Alison Merry
29th April 2019

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