100 uses for the Micro

The Red Gorilla Micro Tub, sometimes referred to as the 'Mighty Micro' or 'Baby Tub',  is one of the most versatile products Red Gorilla manufacture. In fact, we set out to find at least 100 uses for the Micro Tub - We couldn't list all of them in just one post! 


Folded, squished and squashed and still go back to its shape

Don't forget where they're from - Red Gorilla not Red Ape

Kept inside, outside, underwater or hanging up 

Use in the kitchen - sugar pot, tea bag holder or as an eggcup 


Written and rewritten on with a whiteboard marker

If you don't like the Micro Tub, try a Mini Tub they're larger

Comes in many different colours: Pink, Green, Red or Blue 

Use it in your garage, to store all of your screws


Toy safe, Pet safe and Food grade too

Snack pot, Bird feeder so many uses, who knew?

Use it as a plant pot, paint pot, desk tidy or moneybox

It's a great organiser - put one in your toolbox


For all your storage problems, here's the resolution

Get yourself a micro - the best storage solution

It's the perfect garden accessory and it won't degrade outdoors

Well, that's what we do with our Micro's, what do you do with yours? 

Posted by Alison Merry
15th January 2019

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