Red Gorilla Recycling - Tyre Rubber

Tyre Recycling or Rubber recycling is the process whereby tyres that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles are repurposed into new products. Tyres are non-biodegradable meaning they do not break down easily in a landfill. Often, unwanted tyres are stored in stockpiles creating great health and safety risks. Tyre fires can occur easily, burning for months and creating substantial pollution in the air and ground. Tyre stockpiles are often created due to the difficulty associated with recycling tyres. They pose heavy metal properties and other pollutant contents; this means they pose a huge risk for the leaching of toxins into groundwater.

Tyres can be a real difficulty when it comes to recycling. That’s why Red Gorilla has done the hard part for you. We offer a range of products made from Recycled Tyre Rubber including Tubs, Buckets, Mangers, Troughs, Feed Bowls and Baskets all with hundreds of different purposes and uses. Click Here to see more. 

Posted by Alison Merry
2nd April 2019

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