Organise your Feed Room

After I started working at Red Gorilla, I was ecstatic to learn that employees get some discounts on products. Not long after starting the job I was due to move my horse to a new yard and so thought it would be a good idea to buy some new yard equipment. Obviously, I needed a whole new set in all new matching colours despite having a perfectly good set already - this opportunity was too good to pass though. Just before placing my order, I had a quick flick through the website to check if there were any extras I could get to match my new pink and pistachio set. That's when I saw it - the Tubtop. It was something I wouldn't normally have bought but I thought I'd add it on and it has changed my life. There are many reasons the Tubtop has become my new best friend but here's just a few:

The Tubtop has the same effect as shoving everything in your wardrobe when you tidy your bedroom does

I really do try to keep the feed room neat and tidy but honestly, at 8am on a Sunday organising my grooming brushes is not my top priority - I'm sorry. I have come to realise that the large Tubtop that fits on top of my 38L Tub is the perfect disguise for a messy grooming box. I can literally chuck, throw and shove all of my things into the tub, whack on the tup top, stack another tub on top and my feed room looks amazing! Working smarter, not harder. 

I can actually be organised

As all equestrians do, I try to be organised. I wish I could have my saddle pads on hangers in a neat and tidy wardrobe or my jumps perfectly stacked into a pyramid in the corner of the arena but unfortunately between haynets, mucking out, poo picking and actually riding the horse I do not have time for a DIY SOS remake on the yard. Tubtops have made me feel a bit better though. I keep some of my spare tack in a small pink tub and disguise my mess with a small tubtop. I have to say, since doing this it has been much easier for my grooms aka my mum or sometimes my boyfriend to assist me. Instead of telling my clueless makeshift grooms to get my hanging cheek snaffle bit from the tack room I can now say get the shiny thing from the small pink tub - it's much more effective. 

I have triple the number of things in the feed room as I had before but twice as much storage space

Long gone are the days I used to scramble around looking for a mane comb on top of a wooden bench or trying to find the other brushing boot under a random deck chair in the feed room. I now have all my different tack and grooming items categorized, organised and even colour coded.  Since swapping the feed room floor for three 38L tubs with large tubtops, my section of the feed room looks like Kim & Aggie spent the morning in there! I have all of my horses boots, brushes, lotions, potions, treats and probably some snacks. Believe me, there's a LOT of stuff in those tubs but you wouldn't know it, cleverly 'organised' by my tubtops. 

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Posted by Alison Merry
2nd April 2019

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