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Recycled Gorilla Tubs


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Light Weight

UV Ray Resistant

Frost Resistant

Flexible Sides


The Black Gorilla Tub® range are 100% recycled, super strong tubs. They are strong and reliable, which being great value.


The Black Gorilla Tubs® are a range of flexible and weather resistant tub, built to last. Perfect for use at the stable, around the home and in the garden. You can use Gorilla Tubs® for mixing, pouring, carrying, plastering and many more.

• You can easily flex Small Gorilla Tubs® and use them for pouring water or scattering soil in your garden. 

• Shallow tubs are great for bleeding radiators and cars.

• The Medium Gorilla Tubs® are perfect for weeding, carrying compost, logs and soil, washing car or tidying around the house. 

• Take the Large Shallow tub with you on a camping trip, and use it to clean BBQ grill or as a base in your caravan’s shower.

• Flex the Large tub to sweep into, mix potting soils, carry water or toss it to your kids and have them clean their room.

• The biggest tubs work well for collecting yard debris, laundry, feeding hay and preparing compost.


The golf patterned handles make Gorilla Tub® easy to carry around – use it as an organiser in your boot or garage.  Black Gorilla Tubs® are environmentally friendly as they are made from 100% recycled material. And if you leave our tubs outdoor for the whole year, you don’t have to worry about them cracking or shattering, as Gorilla Tubs® are weather resistant

Available in the same 8 sizes as our coloured tubs, there is one for every job! 


Product Features
  • Features: Flexible Sides, Frost Resistant, Light Weight, UV Ray Resistant
  • Flexible Tub Sizes: Extra Large, Large, Large Shallow, Medium, Micro, Mini Shallow, Shall Shallow, Small
  • Volume: 0.37L, 14L, 26L, 38L, 75L, 5L, 15L, 35L
  • Weight: 30g, 400g, 650g, 1000g, 2200g, 200g, 1300g
  • Height: 7cm, 23cm, 30cm, 33cm, 37cm, 10cm, 16cm
  • Diameter: 9.5cm, 33cm, 39cm, 45cm, 57cm, 28cm
Quality Design

• 100% recycled material
• UV ray and frost resistant tubs can be kept outside all year without fading or cracking
• Flexible sides allow easy squeezing into tight spaces
• Super strong, “golf” patterned handles for easy carrying.

Environmentally Friendly
  • Made from recycled materials 
  • Able to be upcycled and reused
  • Environmentally  friendly manufacturing
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