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14lb Sledge Hammer
The 14lb Sledge Hammer is a tool built to last. Designed and manufactured with high-quality products, the 14lb Sledge Hammer reigns supreme of all the tools. 
Now £16.75 inc VAT
4.5lb Felling Axe
Cutting and chopping is made easy with the well-balanced 4.5lb Felling Axe. Featuring a sturdy fibreglass handle and secure head, this axe is built to last.
Now £10.00 inc VAT

7lb Chisel & Point Pick Head (Fits Standard Eye Pick Shaft)
The 7lb Chisel & Point Pick Head is a superior quality tool. 
Now £5.75 inc VAT
Brenton Padlock Bolt
A heavy-duty, galvanised iron Brenton padlock bolt which can be used to secure or lock stable doors, tack room doors, outdoor gates or shed doors.
Now £2.00 inc VAT

Cabin Hook
The Cabin Hook is ideal for keeping doors and gates in an open or closed fixed position. Made from heavy-duty galvanised iron.
Now £0.75 inc VAT
Hook On Plate
A galvanised Hook on Plate that can be screwed to walls, floors and ceilings, providing a strong anchor point.
Now £1.00 inc VAT

Staple On Plate
A galvanised iron Staple on Plate that can be screwed to walls, floors and ceilings, providing a strong anchor point.
Now £1.00 inc VAT
Kick Over Latch
A foot-operated Kick over Latch, traditionally used on stable doors. Helps reduce the damage that doors take over time and to keep stable dors more secure. 
Now £7.50 inc VAT

Flexible Tubtrugs Cesto Drainer
A flexible mesh basket with hundreds of uses!
Now £3.75 inc VAT
Large Tubtop Graphite
The Large Tubtop Graphite is a cover for our flexible tubs. This cover fits our 38L Gorilla Tubs and is perfect for stacking your tubs.
Now £3.50 inc VAT

Weigh Tape
The Weigh Tape from Red Gorilla® is the perfect way for you to easily monitor your horse's weight gain and loss, without complications.
Now £2.00 inc VAT